Product Details

  • Manufactured using polymer with high thermal conductivity, good hydrophilicity and flexibility.
  • Circular groove at both ends for easy handling of the straw.
  • Two labeling section designs for either directly writing on the straw or using a printed Label.
  • Each model is color-coded with five colors for easy identification.
  • The cap can be tightly sealed. Therefore, the straws can be used as both open and close syslents.
  • Curved embryo carrying section design which prevent embryo/oocyte loss.
  • Minimized overall straw diameter saves significant storage space. Six straws can be stored in one visitube.
  • Mouse embryo assay ≥80%. Bacterial endotoxin level less than 0. 5EU per straw

Models and Specification

There are two models. Each model is color-coded by five colors- Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange and Blue

Product Codes Straw Cap Straw Handler Length
GEN CY05 Cylinder Cylinder 130mm
GEN SCY05 Cylinder Square Cylinder 130mm