GEN-OCTO Benchtop Incubator

* Quality certified components with proven performance allow GEN OCTO the most optimal incubating environment

* GEN OCTO can control gas supply to each chamber individually, so minimize its gas consumption

Safe components with high durability

The bottom and lid of the chambers are made of aluminium with excellent heat transferability. The inner walls of the chambers are of a special material, which helps maintain the set temperatures. The soft and shock absorbent pads are made of a sturdy material with an excellent sealing feature preventing from high gas waste.

AQM Program

The premixed gas supplied to GEN OCTO will be filtered through a HEPA filter. It will be then filtered through a VOC filter attached to remove VOC components safely. An integrated VOC filter administration program eliminates your burden to check its expiration. You will be notified by and alarm when it is the time to replace the VOC filter.

User friendly Interface

All the data recorded in GEN OCTO will be automatically saved and available for users’ administration. The set temperatures, alarms trigerred and incubating information such as temperature calibration, chamber lid opening can be downloaded automatically whenever necessary. The provided USB port will get rid of the inconvenience with complicated cabling.


Product GEN OCTO™
Dimensions (WxDxH) 625(24.6ʺ) x 665(26.1ʺ) x 150(5.9ʺ)mm
Chambers 8
Display 7 inches Touch Monitor
Temperature Range 20-45°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.1°C
Gas Supply Premixed gas, typically CO₂ 5% / O₂ 5% / N₂ 90%
Log data USB backup port
HEPA Filter Removes 99.995% of all airborne particles down to 0.3µm
VOC Filter Recommended to use 3 months up to 6 months
Power AC 100V / 110V / 220V
Weight 45Kg
Shipping (weight/dimension) 55Kg, 780(30.7ʺ) x 780(30.7ʺ) x 300(11.8ʺ)mm
Options Stacking Frame, Gas-Mixer CO₂-O₂ Analyzer